October 7th, 2015

Approximately 42% of people have flat feet or “fallen arches” which really is a result of misaligned feet. It’s an internal defect in the foot that they were born with and only gets worse with age.

Signs and complaints from someone with flat feet, or collapsed arches are:

  • Aching feet while/after walking or running
  • Your child wants you to carry them more often because their feet hurt
  • You can see their feet roll inward when they walk, and their arch flattens out when they are standing up right
  • They avoid exercise

Left untreated, misaligned feet can cause joint pain in the knee, hip and lower back as these joints are over-compensating for the misaligned foot. Your child may be seeing the doctor for knee pain complaints where the underlying problem may be a misaligned foot. It can easily go undiagnosed if the doctor does not look at the biomechanics of the patient’s gait (looks at their walk pattern).

Many times arch support inserts are given to the patient. If arch supports are not working and foot pain persists, then it’s very likely the problem is an internal defect known as talar tarsal dislocation, which is when the anklebone is sliding abnormally off the heel bone. The question to ask is: Is my child’s flat feet from a talar tarsal dislocation? If so, there are a few options to discuss with the physician to fix it.

One of these options is a minimally invasive procedure using a tiny FDA cleared device called “HyProCure” to keep the anklebone from sliding off the heel bone. This is a fantastic internal fix and its success is supported by clinical data and used by many of the best foot surgeons in the World with over 40,000 procedures already. Patients who have had their flat feet fixed with HyProCure are amazed at how it has restored their quality of life.

Learn more about this condition and HyProCure at Painfree-Feet.com.