NuTech works closely with physicians to create innovative spinal and biological products that optimize patient outcomes.

They are dedicated to the development of new technologies that will benefit surgeons, hospitals, and especially, patients. They are focused on bringing spinal implants and biological products to market more efficiently and affordably as well as a commitment to compliance with all applicable laws and industry-accepted standards.


Announcing a breakthrough in regenerative medicine: Affinity® fresh amniotic allographs. affinity-collage

Allo-fresh™ Proprietary Process Distinguishes Affinity&reg by Retaining Native Tissue Benefits.

  • Maintains structural integrity and viability for longer than ever before possible.

Fresh Amniotic Membrane Provides New Growth Opportunities.

  • Regenerative and angiogenic properties1,2
  • Retains the native membrane’s structural integrity and biophysical properties3
  • A viable option for wound and soft tissue healing1,2,4,5

Naturally Bioactive Healing Capacity

  • Open and intact extracellular matrix3,6
  • Integrates seamlessly by supporting cell and tissue in-growth1,3,6

Retains Biophysical Properties to Enhance Surgical Handling

  • Strong: Enables precise manipulation for ease of application3
  • Durable: Integrity of native matrix provides superior scaffolding1,3,6
  • Flexible: Maintains membrane’s natural pliability1,3
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  • NuCel is an allograft derived from human amnion and amniotic fluid.
  • Provides an enhanced environment for tissue growth, repair, and healing.
  • Offers anti-scarring and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • There are many applications in which the native properties of these human amniotic tissues may be beneficial to the patient.
  • Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


NuShield™ is the sterilized, dehydrated placental allograft rich in healing properties to comprehensively cover your diverse, everyday needs.

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